Yes. It takes a village!

Thank you to the amazing support and love of so many who made the Village Wellness Center Open House on November 12th such a wonderful gathering!

Jennifer Gouine who provided so much from creating beautiful brochures to organizing a plethora of details and planning meetings to make it all happen and to Michael Feliciano for making magic creating a food table that was so beautiful… and for drawing winning names for all the gifts!!

And to Emily Henderson who with clipboard in hand, greeted and welcomed each of the 70+ attendees, provided with Steven Schmidt the entire backyard set complete with hammock and did all the pre party food shopping and prep with Brett … and with Steven organized all of the chairs and furniture pick up and post party’s”striking” of the set and… bringing the pizza!❤️

To James Henderson and Tatiana Ray for providing live music on the deck,helping load and shlep boatloads, and for the post show debriefing/ pizza and sectional by the fire time….and special thanks to Mike Coleman for the sharing of the guitar!

Infinite thanks to Regis Ducatillon who spent Saturday hanging lights, landscaping and prepping and cleaning the Center, for the last minute runs to the hardware store, sharing the cutest dog throughout and providing his pickup truck… cuz, you know, we travel light!

To Rachel Schwartz for creating some of the most incredible organic pear/berry crisp and walking pie desserts ever — YES!!

To Martha Illescas-Yaquian for gifting spectacularly beautiful flowers for the event – not one, not two,but three stunning bouquets – flowers that make my heart sing and that now will be shared with others at our outreach events this week

To Pastor Chris Neufeld-Erdman for blessing the space with grace-filled words of healing

To all the colleagues and practitioners who donated twenty five gifts of wellness to share in our “you’re a winner” drawing

To Brett for his incredible love and steadfast support each and every day


To everyone who attended in body or spirit for filling the space with so much love and laughter and dynamic energy!

Thank you, all!

Such a gift to be a part of this sweet community. ❤️❤️❤️