Karuna Reiki® Level Two


Karuna Reiki® is a manifestation of the evolving nature of Reiki, and was developed, over time, into a complete energy healing system, by the International Center for Reiki Training. Reiki Karuna has two levels and each level provides four symbols.

Level Two is available to Master Practitioners who have completed the Karuna  Reiki® Level One training.  This one-day training includes:

  • Receiving Karuna Reiki® Master Level 2 attunement
  • Receiving Karuna Reiki® 2 symbols
  • Practice using Karuna Reiki® 2 symbols in sessions
  • Chanting and toning with Karuna Reiki® 2 symbols


    Friends - classes are limited to 8 students and require a minimum of 3 students.
    Receive Karuna 2 Training, an Individual Session and the Reiki Precepts Seminar Series - a total value of $380 for the Package price of $350 ($30 savings!)
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