Teaching Reiki and developing community with my colleagues is at the heart of my practice.  This work is valuable and profound.  Offering self treatment is the foundation of this practice.  Offering treatment to others is not a requirement, but many practitioners appreciate the opportunity to share this gift with their loved ones.

I also provide regular opportunities for practitioners to share Reiki in a supervised setting:  Reiki Circle, Davis Practitioner Group,  Reiki Informational Evenings, Young @ Heart events, and other community outreach opportunities.

Davis Practitioner Group

I offer monthly opportunities for colleagues to share their Reiki experiences at our gatherings.   After discussion, practitioners are invited to offer and receive treatments in pairs or triads.  Practitioners may always choose whether they wish to receive, give, or both.  Sharing Reiki with colleagues can be deeply affirming and provides the opportunity to create friendships with other local practitioners.

Offered first Sundays, 3:30 – 5:30 pm and selected Wednesday evenings, 6-8:45 pm


Reiki Circle – Offer treatments with other practitioners to guests in a lovely supervised environment.  First Sundays, 3-5 pm at the UU Church Library 27074 Patwin Road, Davis. $10

Practitioner Group Email Newsketter
I send a monthly practitioner email that provides information about the upcoming Practitioner Group as well as trainings, workshops and community outreach opportunity.  It is open to any practitioners who wish to sign up.

Davis Practitioner Facebook Group
This offers practitioners a way to check in, find out about upcoming opportunities and to make distance Reiki requests for themselves and loved ones.

Lending Library
I have a growing library of resource books that I share readily that support this practice including Reikititles by Pamela Miles, Raven Keyes, Franz Steine, Kathleen Prasad,  Laurelle Gaia, Francesca McCartney, William Rand and others.  I bring a variety of books to our monthly Reiki  Circle.   (A full listing of titles is coming soon!)

(review) any class you have taken from me on a donation basis as space allows. Training calendar here.

Outreach opportunities to share your gifts and provide the opportunity to deepen your practice.