Energy Practices Workshop Series

with Jennifer Gouine & Elizabeth Fulmer

Grounding & Comforting:  Advanced Techniques for Feet and Hands

Thursdays, July 26 &  August 23rd
6-8:30 pm

Expanding & Opening:  Protocols for Head and Shoulders

Thursday,  September 27 & October 18
6-8:30 pm

Skillful Release:  Working with the Back, Spine & Hips

Thursdays, January 24 & Feb 21, 2019
6-8:30 pm

This series provides practitioners  three Workshops each with a follow-up Practice & Play session the following month.

Workshops include written materials, discussion, demonstration and hands-on experience  learning advanced hand placements and treatment protocols.

Practice/Play evenings provide time to review protocols/placements as well as to give and receive treatments with hands-on guidance.



1 Workshop & Practice Evening package:  $65

2 Workshops & Practice Evenings package:  $120

Complete Series Package:  $175  (3 Workshops, 3 Practice Evenings)