Reiki Circle in Davis

A monthly gift to the Davis community, and you – in a beautiful setting with and a little dark chocolate just because … what a great way to try Reiki!

I facilitate and supervise this monthly offering of Reiki treatments provided by local trained Reiki practitioners in an inviting drop-in setting.  You receive a 20 to 30-minute Reiki treatment lying on a treatment table, usually from two practitioners. I am there to welcome you and answer your questions.  A great way to receive a session!

First Sundays
1-3  pm 
Village Wellness Center,
2655 Portage Bay East, Suite 3 in West Davis (directions)
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What can you expect from your Reiki Circle experience?

Treatments are offered on massage tables. You only need to remove your shoes and eyeglasses.

Practitioners offer treatments with light, non-invasive touch, or you  may receive a treatment with the practitioner holding their hands above your body.

You may experience some warmth, coolness, tingling, “nothing”, or just a sense of relaxing. You may enter a meditative state or experience deep relaxation where you have an awareness of the surroundings, but experience of sense of “waking up” when the session is complete.

Feel free to daydream, relax, listen to the music, focus on your breath. Although we offer treatments in a quiet environment to enhance your experience, you may ask questions or provide feedback at any time as needed.

Reiki Treatment at Practitioner Group, May 2013You do not have to do or believe anything to receive Reiki. There is no known medical contraindication to receiving Reiki. The only prerequisite is your wish to try a session.

Reiki is a subtle balancing practice that is holistic — it supports healing  in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Reiki is complementary practice that  supports and enhances all forms of conventional therapies.

First Sundays don’t work with your calendar?
I invite you to consider attending other local Reiki Circles in Woodland, Winters, Vacaville  and Antelope. Details – here!