Here’s how it works:

  • You and your friend (partner, spouse, sibling, parent, co-worker, bff) are scheduled together – same time, same room, two treatment tables, two practitioners.
  • While you receive a 30-minute massage on your table, your friend receives a 30-minute Reiki session on theirs. At the end of the first treatment, you each receive the other treatment!
  • This is a lovely way to receive both of these relaxing therapies in one session, and with a friend!
  • Light refreshments (including dark chocolate!) provided.
  • Massage by Brenda Mohr, CMT  & Jennifer Gouine, CMT
  • Reiki by Elizabeth A Fulmer, RMT

    Tandem Wellness Clinic - Registration

    Tandem Wellness Clinic - Registration
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      Thursday sessions: massage by Brenda Mohr, CMT, Reiki treatment by Elizabeth A Fulmer, RMT
    • Thank you for scheduling your Tandem Wellness session. We look forward to providing you with a relaxing and restorative experience of Reiki and massage!
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