You are invited to come experience an hour of relaxation and gentle stress relief at our Tandem Wellness Sessions.

What is a Tandem session?

Reiki & gentle massage offered in tandem – 2 practitioners, 2 recipients, 2 massage tables —  a shared experience of comfort and wellness!

While one recipient receives a Reiki session, the second receives a gentle massage, and then the practitioners switch and offer the second session to the other recipient.  Each Tandem appointment is offered privately in a peaceful environment.

When are Tandem Sessions offered?

First Wednesdays – at the Village Wellness Center, 2655 Portage Bay East, Suite 3

First Thursdays – at The Gallery, Davis Community Church, 412 C Street

Other times available by arrangement – just ask!

We hope you and a friend will come receive – we look forward to seeing you soon!Reiki:

Sessions are $65/person


Offering Gentle Massage

  Brenda Mohr, CMT

Brenda is a Reiki Master and Certified Massage Therapist. Her training includes Swedish techniques as well as massage for seniors. Providing Reiki and massage for her clients has contributed to her understanding of the body’s ability to heal itself when in a state of deep relaxation.

Offering Reiki Sessions

Elizabeth A Fulmer, RMT

The stress and health impacts of being the primary caregiver for my parents during their final years brought me to the system of Reiki. In those challenging times, this practice provided significant stress relief to me and my parents.

As a Reiki Master / Teacher, I am dedicated to practicing, teaching and raising awareness of the stress-reducing, complementary practice of Reiki. It is a privilege and joy to share this therapeutic art that promotes and supports holistic healing.