Individual Treatments

I offer individual Reiki sessions in the Davis, California at the Village Wellness Center, 2655 Portage Bay East, #3.   I provide in-home treatments by arrangement.  

What can you expect at an individual Reiki treatment?

Before your session, you will complete a brief patient information form.  We discuss any questions you may have.   I typically provide Reiki treatments on a massage table, although you may receive a treatment seated if that is more comfortable for you.

  • You remain fully dressed (except for your shoes!).  Comfortable clothing is encouraged.  I provide bolsters, pillows and blankets for your comfort.
  • A treatment is offered through a series of gentle hand placements on or just above your body, starting at the top of your head.  There is no manipulation or pressure involved.
  • I ask you to allow 90 minutes for your appointment so that there is ample time to discuss your experience and address your questions.

How often should you receive Reiki?

The effects of Reiki are cumulative. With each successive treatment the body responds more readily, allowing deeper changes to take place. Although any Reiki treatment is beneficial, receiving Reiki on a regular basis produces optimum well-being.  Clients experiencing physical/emotional stress benefit from frequent sessions, and I offer a wellness incentive (see below).

Very affordable group & semi-private sessions:

  • Reiki Circle  offers treatments by local practitioners under my supervision in a lovely group setting on the first Sunday of the month at a suggested donation of $10
  • Gentle Reiki Relaxation offered Downtown (412 C Street) on the first Monday, Tuesday & Friday.  Individual half-hour sessions offered for three participants by myself and two master practitioner colleagues. Sessions offered on massage table (fully clothed) or seated in a lovely environment.
    $20 (Some scholarship funds available, free childcare provided with advanced arrangement)


Individual sessions are offered the Village Wellness Center, 2655 Portage Bay East, #3.
Please allow 90 minutes for your appointment.

I offer wellness incentives for 3 pre-paid sessions.

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Interested in receiving unlimited Reiki?

I invite you to receive training for Reiki self-treatment and provide yourself Reiki as often as you wish – a simple  investment that lasts a lifetime!

Foundation Reiki: Self-Treatment Training (part one of Usui First Degree)

First Degree Certification